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School profile

St. Joseph’s  College, situated at Grandpass, Colombo-14. Where the less - privileged and the marginalized eke out a modest existence, has been a haven of knowledge and inspiration to all and sundry during the last hundred years. It has very faithfully and constructively served thousands and thousands of students, adequately equipping them to face the challenges and exigencies of modern society, with courage and optimism.



St. Joseph’s  College was functioned as a branch school of

St. Benedict’s college, Kotahena from the time Brothers took its management fully in October 1905. Principal as well as other teaching Brothers of this school travelled daily from St. Benedict’s college until the residential community of Grandpass commenced in 1925. A Brother had always being the Principal of the school except for a short period in 1990’s.


Bro.Edwin George the first Brother of St.Joseph’s College directed the school from October 1905 till the end of 1912.Bro. Timothy of Mary succeeded him in January 1913 till June 1922. Bro. Michel Lewis followed him from June 1922-1924. Bro.Leander Ephrem was appointed as Principal in January 1925. All these Brothers were members of the St Benedict’s Brothers Community.

Due  to a shortage of Brothers to be appointed as Principals of Government schools St.Joseph’s College Grandpass didn’t have a Brother to be appointed as the Principal after the retirement of bro. Placidus Fernando. We were deprived of a De La Salle Brother as the Principal.

After this we got a Principal Fr. Marius Fernando even though we lacked the guidance and the management of the Lasallian Family . Father carried out the De La Salle vision in the school .We specially thank father for his generosity.

After a period of 4 years we got a chance of entering the Lasallian Family. Bro Joseph Jeyakanthan was appointed as the new principal of St.Joseph’s College, Grandpass. With his arrival and his guidance the school reawakened with its vision.

St. Joseph’s  College has rendered 110 years of educational facilities for the poor and middle class children of Colombo Central area. In the past 110 years the school has turned out many men for the professions, the public service and the private sector.

The De La Salle Brothers who started this school, and who still have a hand in its management, strive to make their contribution to build up a just society through education of youth. Their guiding principle is that men must learn to live with love – maithriya in Buddhism – because love encompasses all.

To be without love is to be like sounding brass. One must avoid the first place at table, and banish the scowl of apathy from his face. Many may have passed out of their hands striving to live up to the golden rule.

De La Salle was at first meant to be a practical school a kind of training school for young Brothers who had accepted the life of the monk-teacher and who were, and are inspired by the Prophet Daniel’s promise often quoted by the Founder that “those who instruct many unto justice shall shine as stars for all eternity”.

Over the years eminent educationists, both De La Salle Brothers and Secular Teachers have adorned the educational firmament of the College, imparting a sound moral and values education. Apart from teaching them the rudiments, they also have taught them various skills that would ensure their future. Character formation was given the pride of place so that our students would become responsible, trustworthy and productive citizens of the country.

St. Joseph’s  College’s persevering efforts to maintain the best traditions of Catholic education in the midst of many local difficulties and to bring the benefits of a Sound Catholic education to the sons of the struggling families of the neighbourhood.

The College was vested in the state more than 50 years ago when a number of Catholic Schools were taken over by the then Government. Though it has maintained its Lasallian identity right throughout this period the school has had to depend on state allocation of funds for its operation and survival. As a result, the Lasallian Charism that inspired the Christian Schools long ago has now been challenged. The Brothers, however, remain as committed to their mission as ever before and are determined to raise the standard of education in their schools to its former excellence.  

St. Joseph’s  College has rendered valuable service to the people of Grandpass  by toning up the rising generation culturally and religiously. In its own way, it has sent its alumni into various walks of life both in the Church and the State.

True education aims at the full and balanced development of the child so that he may have a happy, peaceful and meaningful life on earth, while preparing for his eternal destiny. In the process, therefore, it turns out citizens of the highest caliber.



As the school is a Government school the teachers are appointed and paid by the  Government.

The donations from the well wishers are allocated for the maintenance of the school.

We are privileged to having a very large play ground ( which has to be renovated ) the Stage and the Basketball court. Which could be used for matches and competitions in the Zone.


The Majority of the staff are Buddhist. This shortage of Catholic Teachers is a big problem when training student for sac4raments and in spiritual activities.


Help and donations from various types well wishers and Institutions to the school.

This Institution continue to be a Lasallian Institution serving the children of the working class and poor of Grandpass even though the Government School.


A very big problem we have to solve in the school is the premises getting under  water when there are heavy showers or continuous rain.

The Principal and the Staff of St. Joseph’s College, Grand pass, Colombo – 14.