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School profile

St. Joseph’s  College, situated at Grandpass, Colombo-14. Where the less - privileged and the marginalized eke out a modest existence, has been a haven of knowledge and inspiration to all and sundry during the last hundred years. It has very faithfully and constructively served thousands and thousands of students, adequately equipping them to face the challenges and exigencies of modern society, with courage and optimism…………….

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Bro.Edwin George the first Brother of St.Joseph’s College directed the school from October 1905 till the end of 1912.Bro. Timothy of Mary succeeded him in January 1913 till June 1922. Bro. Michel Lewis followed him from June 1922-1924. Bro.Leander Ephrem was appointed as Principal in January 1925. All these Brothers were members of the St Benedict’s Brothers Community.

Past principals

The college Flag is an essential part of the College culture. It is the rallying call for every student. It is also the most symbolic and the most popular of all the school icons.  

St. Joseph’s College Flag as mentioned in the first College Flag was Green, White and Green an adaptation of the Flag of the sister school St. Benedict’s College, Kotahena.  It has been the Flag of the many a popular Institution of the De La Salle Brothers.


January    04th   Monday     -  Re-opening  Day  &  Staff  Meeting  

18th    Monday     -  Principal’s  Day  &  Launching the Web Site

18th   Monday     -  Grade 1 - First  Day in School

21st   Thursday   -  Thai Pongal Celebration

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